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    Stephanie Dyar

    “It was 5:15 pm and I called with a lethargic cat for an emergency, and they told me to come on in even so close to being closed. They did everything possible for the cat and the staff and Dr were all very compassionate about the situation. Unfortunately, we lost our cat to liver disease, but I would recommend this vet to anyone. They really work with animals to find the best way to help you and your animals needs.” – 11/16/16

    Jennie Harbin

    “Great friendly staff on the front end smart good informative doctor that’s always there for me and good timing been using them for over 12 years now and greatly appreciate them and everything they did for my lady girl.” – 10/9/18

    Kristin Files

    “I am blown away by how this staff truly goes above and beyond for their patients. I was devastated recently and had to have my sweet little 5lb Manchester Terrier, Thrash, put down. I was an emotional wreck. I was riddled with guilt thinking what if I had done this and what if that. The staff and Dr Holly reassured me over and over again. They helped me so much. Shortly after she passed I received a sympathy card in the mail from them about my loss. Every person there had signed it with condolences. It was so incredibly personal. They truly care. I will never take my dogs anywhere else. They have no idea how much their kind words have meant to me. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and compassion.” – 5/8/18

    Jessica Anderson

    “My husband and I came here under unfortunate circumstances. Our beautiful 13 year old golden had to be put to sleep. The woman at the front desk was incredibly patient as I started crying without even explaining to her why we were there yet. They made the whole process as smooth and as comfortable as they could for us and her. Both the vet and vet tech were so kind and loving towards her, talking to her during the process, making her comfortable. Thinking of the love and care they showed her, brings tears to my eyes again. To top it off I got a card in the mail signed by everyone there in the office. The people here are amazing and they made such a difficult process as comfortable as they could. They went above and beyond for us and I can’t thank them enough! You guys are awesome and you do your jobs beautifully.” – 05/25/17

    Emily Newkirk

    “They took awesome care of my very sick kitty! St one point I swore he was going to die. Now he is running around and happily spoiled as ever! Thank you so much for loving on my Simba and helping him get well! I have used them for a few years now and love them!” – 12/13/17

    Stacey Malick

    “My dog needed surgery and they were more caring and helpful than any vet I’ve been to. They took such good care of my dog and I will never take him any where else” – Google review 4/23/19

    T Wright

    “I have been bringing my pets here for years. The staff are attentive and take time to answer all our questions. They have given great care to our animals. Highly recommended.” – Google review 1/7/19

    Rebecca Redding

    “Dr. Franks was so kind and caring. My cat had tongue cancer. All of the doctors here saw my Smokie. Everyone one of them took them time to explain to me in detail what was going on. They were great to me and my boy. When the time came to put him down I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Dr. Franks to be there with me and my sweet boy during that time. If you are looking for a great vet this is it” – Google review 12/7/18

    Lynn Thomas

    “Friendly staff, nice clean office, great service. Received lots of helpful information for my new puppy. Looking forward to the next visit for my dogs” – Google review 1/9/19

    Katie Carter

    “It was easy to get an appointment even being a new patient. They were very sweet to my babies. The receptionist gave my girls candy and my pup a treat. The vet was caring, and answered any question my 11 year old decided she was curious about” – Google review 12/8/18

    Melissa Gilreath

    “Our daughters dog had bleeding and we rushed him to Walton clinic and even though they were about to close they stayed and took great care of him. We just moved here from Tennessee and we just found our vet for our dog. Love this place❤️” – Google review 11/8/18

    Donna Mitchell

    “I’ve been taking my Maltese to Walton-Gwinnett since we found her 2 years ago. They take very good care of her and send reminders for all of her vaccines, prevention medications and yearly health exams” – Google review 8/7/18

    Blake Rashad

    “They have a wonderful, friendly knowledgeable staff and they don’t hit you in the pocket with a sledge hammer. They took very good care of a litter of 10 #GiantSchnauzer #puppies Would recommend!” – 9/6/19


    Hope Skinner

    “The clinic staff has always cared deeply for our family, feline, canine and human! ❤️🐾❤️” – 11/4/19

    Thomas Shane

    “WALTON Gwinnett animal clinic are the most friendliest caring warm veterinarian office! All my pets go there for there care!!!!
    Thank you WALTON Gwinnett animal clinic!” – 11/23/19